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The Best Tire Shine product around

 Non-Sling Miracle Glaze super gloss tire dressing was developed in 1996.The idea to create Miracle Glaze came to mind from a mediocre product I had been distributing to car dealers. This product received complaints from car dealerships about sling spots. The industry had been receiving an enormous amount of complaints from users of these products, but chose to ignore them. The major car care product manufacturers categorized the sling problem as unimportant and did nothing. I became resolute in developing a dressing that would solve the slinging and dripping problem. I consulted with several chemical companies for formulation suggestions, and was told it was chemically impossible. After tiring hours of studying chemical books, trial & error, and a little luck; a base formula was establish and Miracle Glaze was born. Major improvements have been made to the formula since then, which have made this product the choice for detailers, car dealers and car enthusiast nation wide.